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Masterclass in Japanese Language: Unlocking IT Opportunities in Japan at P.C.E.T’s Pimpri Chinchwad University

In today’s globally connected world, fluency in multiple languages can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to advancing one’s career. For students at Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust’s (P.C.E.T) Pimpri Chinchwad University, there’s an exciting opportunity on the horizon – a Masterclass in Japanese Language, which not only opens doors to a rich cultural experience but also promises a gateway to the booming IT sector in Japan. Our honorable Executive Director, Dr. Girish Desai graced this occasion with his esteemed presence.Our Distinguished Panel of Guests for this momentous occasion included the likes of Mr. Sunil Kulkarni (CEO of Fidel Softech Ltd)-  A leading LangTech firm in India (The only premium firm listed on the NSE), Mr. Kiriyama San (CEO of Stockweather Japan KK)- A leading equities and securities market data provider in Japan.They addressed the excited students with their vast knowledge in the fields of Information Technology in Japan (the world’s 3rd largest economy), laying the foundation of entrepreneurship in the Japanese market. They motivated the students to work harder each day and realize the goal and the passion they have. They had a healthy interaction with the students and inspired them to be leaders of tomorrow. Mr. Kulkarni explained to the students about the vast stature of placement opportunities in the Japanese IT sector and left the students awe-inspired. Mr. Kiriyama too shared his perspectives with the students and asked them to learn the Japanese language and its benefits. He asked them to develop extra life skills along with technical skills.Our next panel of inspiring guests included Mrs. Roopa A. Paspule (Expert in the Japanese Language) and Toshie Suho (SCCIP Japan – Marketing Leader). Mrs. Roopa – An inspiring leader and a trainer of the Japanese Language interacted with the students with bits of the language creating among them the curiosity for the language. Each and everyone left the auditorium inspired and motivated to learn something new and create a dynamic future for themselves.Japanese, the official language of Japan, is not just a linguistic pursuit but a gateway to understanding Japan’s culture, society, and business dynamics. Japan, known for its technological prowess and innovation, is an attractive destination for IT professionals worldwide. P.C.E.T’s Pimpri Chinchwad University recognizes this trend and offers a Masterclass in Japanese Language to equip its students with a valuable skill set.Opportunities in Japan’s IT SectorJapan is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovation. The IT sector in Japan is a dynamic field with a constant demand for skilled professionals. Here’s why pursuing a career in Japan’s IT sector can be a promising choice:Technological Innovation: Japan is home to some of the world’s largest tech giants. Working in Japan provides professionals with the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking innovations.Global Exposure: Japan’s IT companies often operate on a global scale. Professionals working in this sector can gain valuable international experience and collaborate with experts from around the world.Career Growth: The IT sector in Japan offers competitive salaries and career growth prospects. Skilled professionals are in high demand, and there is a shortage of talent, making it a lucrative market.Quality of Life: Japan offers a high quality of life, with excellent healthcare, infrastructure, and safety. The country’s unique blend of tradition and modernity creates a culturally rich and stimulating environment. Our faculty members along with our students depicted a good example of what makes a perfect audience. Dr. Anju Bala presented the vote of thanks to the Guests.P.C.E.T’s Pimpri Chinchwad University’s Masterclass series includes distinguished and inspiring entrepreneurs, business experts, etc. who inspire the students by equipping them with linguistic skills, cultural understanding, and insights into the IT sector and the vast area of technology.