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International Internship

International Summer Internship/ School Programme (ISIP)

In order to holistically develop our students, the year throughout, the PCET organises an International Summer Internship/ School Programme. These will be held in the month of July for a period of four weeks.

Students, in groups of two to three shall immerse themselves in research-based projects under the mentorship of a foreign professor. With the focus on practice more than theory, they shall have very lectures and workshops (approximately 6 to 8 lectures per week) and rather invest their time in group work and projects with two to three industrial visits. Weekly presentations from the group will be observed and guided by the appointed professor/ mentor. Further details are provided as under

ISIP period: July annually
Period: 1 month/ 4 weeks
Level of students: School students of Grades IX and X; senior college students; students from second and third year of engineering; first year of management; and second, third and fourth year of architecture.

Area of study/project:

  • For the school level arts, science, commerce: Business in Asia, Politics, Culture and Media in Southeast Asia.
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning: Internet of things, robotics and computer vision, Electric vehicles, CAD CAM, Structural engineering, racing cars, etc.
  • Management: Business modeling, Marketing strategy, Supply chain management etc.
  • Architecture: Architectural composition, Architectural Design and Drawing, Conservation of historical buildings etc.