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Igniting Knowledge, Empowering Futures and Unveiling Tomorrow’s Leaders: Deeksharambha at P.C.E.T’s Pimpri Chinchwad University.

Igniting Knowledge, Empowering Futures and Unveiling Tomorrow’s Leaders: Deeksharambha at P.C.E.T’s Pimpri Chinchwad University.

Life of common people is enriched by technology – Nilakantha Devshetwar

Pimpri Chinchwad University greets first-year B.Tech students with joy.

Pimpri Pune (August 18, 2023) – Advances in technology are bringing drastic changes in the lives of common people. Human life is becoming easier and easier. Science and technology is useful for bringing about change in society. Big changes are taking place due to technology in all sectors such as agriculture, industrial, financial services, and facilities. It is feared that the use of technology will reduce employment. But it’s true; the evolving technology has changed employment opportunities. Mr. Neelkanth Devshetwar, Chief Strategy Officer, Technology Division, India, John Deere Moline Company (USA) is of the opinion that there will be a greater need for skilled manpower.

  Pimpri Chinchwad University’s (PCU) first ‘Deeksharambha’ (Induction) student reception for the academic year 2023-24 was held at its university campus in Sate, Vadagon Maval on Thursday, 17 th August at 11:30 AM. Mr. Devshetwar guided the students and parents. This program was attended by Secretary of the Finance Department of Madhya Pradesh Government Mr. Dnyaneshwar Patil, Honorable Chancellor of PCU Mr.Harsh Vardhan Patil, Vice Chancellor Dr. Manimala Puri, Registrar Dr. D. N. Singh, and Pro. Vice Chancellor Dr. Rajeev Bhardwaj, Member of Administrative Board, Pandit Vidyasagar, Vice President of PCET Smt. Padmatai Bhosle, Young Entrepreneur   Mr. Narendra LandgeMr. Ajinkya Kalbhor, Executive Director Dr. Girish DesaiDr. Ramdas Biradar. Principal of PCCOER, Mr. Harish Tiwari, Principal of Architecture College, Dr. Mahendra Sonwane, Dean of Placement Department, Dr. Shitalkumar Ravandale. Founder, Department of International Relations, PCCOE, Mrs. Roshni RautDr. Sanjeevani Sonar, Dr. Shital Bhandari and others were present.

  Dr. Sonia Verma and Dr. Archana Dhamre were hosts of the Deeksharambha Ceremony, who held the whole ceremony together by their intelligent and mesmerizing stage presence and affection for the guests as well as the audience.

Introduction was presented by Dr. R. G. Biradar (HoD, School of Engineering). He addressed the students regarding the life they will be spending together these four years.He asked the students to be the torchbearers of tomorrow for a better future ahead.The students looked really motivated and inspired by his momentous guidance.

 Mr. Dnyaneshwar Patil noted that education gives people the ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information. Students’ intellectual growth can be aided by their efforts to absorb as much information as possible during their four years of schooling. If you want to maintain good mental and physical health, it’s important to pursue interests outside of school as well.

 Our Honorable Chancellor, Mr. Harshvardhan Patil remarked that the students’ lives had “begun anew.” Both PCET and PCU are committed to developing the next generation of educated, productive, and well-rounded citizens. This is why the name “Deeksharambha” has been chosen for today’s reception. Show yourself to be worthy of achievement by excelling in your university studies. According to Mr. Patil, there is no fast track to success. Our Executive Director (PCET) Dr. Girish Desai oversaw the planning of the event.

Dr. Rajeev Bhardwaj, Pro Vice Chancellor addressed all parents and students about the importance of being committed towards one’s goal and told them that collective efforts from students as well as faculty is the best collaboration for one’s success. He also highlighted the type of academic nurturing the students will receive from the esteemed faculty members and stressed on the importance of self-dedication. He highlighted the efforts taken by the placement cell for providing the best-in-class opportunities.

Here our respected Vice Chancellor I/C Dr. Manimala Puri addressed the students and motivated them to strive for more and advised the students to discipline themselves academically and the importance of human-friendly relationships, making it a fun address filled with laughter and excitement.

Dr. Pandit Bhalchandra Vidyasagar (Governing Body Member), Mrs. Roshni Raut also shared valuable insights to the students about the importance of academics along with life skills and its applications for a better future.

Mr. Shitalkumar Ravandale, (Dean,Placements,PCET) shared valuable info about the distinctive placement opportunities provided by the Centralized placement cell of PCET.He assured the students and their parents of the placement opportunities and its advantages for building the bright future of the students of today for a better tomorrow.He mentioned a line “The horse can be guided to the pond,but it’s the horse’s job to drink the water”, stating the importance of self efforts and dedication towards their goal and striving to achieve their dreams.

 The vote of thanks was proposed by our Honorable Registrar Dr. D N Singh, he thanked all the dignitaries for imparting their valuable insights to the students.