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Navabharat Education Awards 2023 Name P.C.E.T’s Pimpri Chinchwad University (PCU) the Best Private University in Maharashtra!

Navabharat Education Awards 2023 Name P.C.E.T’s Pimpri Chinchwad University (PCU) the Best Private University in Maharashtra!

At the annual Navabharat Education Awards 2023, Pimpri Chinchwad University (PCU), which operates under Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust, was named the Best Private University in Maharashtra. This recognition attests to the institution’s dedication to providing students with a world-class education and a cutting-edge online portal to information and possibilities. The award was presented to us by Honourable Shri. Mangal Prabhat Lodha ji, the Minister of Tourism, Skill & Entrepreneurship. Our Honourable Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Rajeev Bharadwaj and Honourable I/C Vice Chancellor Dr. Manimala Puri received the award on behalf of PCU.

The Navabharat Education Awards are well-known for celebrating exceptional commitment to and achievements in education, both on the part of institutions and individuals. The yearly event serves as a forum for commending the outstanding work of Maharashtra’s educational institutions in their pursuit of educational excellence and their commitment to fostering students’ total growth.

Pimpri Chinchwad University has been a guiding light for students in Maharashtra by providing them with a wide variety of academic programs in fields including engineering, the arts, the sciences, business, and more. The goal of the University is to produce future leaders by providing them with the education and training they will need to become successful in their chosen industries.

PCU’s win at the Navabharat Education Awards 2023 for Best Private University in Maharashtra is a testament to the dedication of the whole university community to the pursuit of academic achievement. Sincerely appreciative of the recognition bestowed by Navabharat Education Awards, the university commits to maintain its commitment to promoting educational growth and innovation.

The Best Private University in Maharashtra award given to Pimpri Chinchwad University is a testament to the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and the welfare of its student body. By highlighting the significance of adapting to the digital context and delivering great educational resources to students, the university’s website serves as an exemplary model for other institutions. This honour is a reflection of PCU’s dedication to making a permanent mark on the educational climate of Maharashtra as it continues on its path toward its ultimate goal of improving lives through education.