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Embracing the Future: Media Renaissance Book Launch. A Spectacular moment of Knowledge and Innovation

In a grand event that celebrated the confluence of academia and industry, Dr. Girish Desai, the esteemed Executive Director of PCET (Prestigious College of Education and Technology), shone a spotlight on Girish Rangnekar’s groundbreaking academic book, “Media Renaissance: Bridging The Gap Between Marketing (Traditional & Digital) And Content.” The event was nothing short of a literary and intellectual extravaganza that showcased the power of knowledge and innovation in the contemporary world.

The book launch event was held at the sprawling PCU campus, a hub of intellectual exchange and innovation.

Dr. Girish Desai, renowned for his leadership in education and his commitment to nurturing academic excellence, graced the event as the Guest of Honor. His presence added an air of gravitas to the occasion, emphasizing the significance of the book’s subject matter – a renaissance in media.

Joining this momentous occasion were distinguished figures, including Mr. Avinash Kale (Managing Editor of Sunidhi Publishers), Prof. Dr. Rajeev Bhardwaj (Pro Vice-Chancellor), Dr. D. N. Singh (Registrar PCU), and the entire faculty of PCU University. The Book: A Bridge to the Future

“Media Renaissance” is a seminal work that has been making waves in academic and industry circles. It provides a roadmap for marketers and content creators to navigate the intricate interplay between traditional and digital media. The book offers case studies, practical strategies, and a visionary approach to succeeding in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

The event was a testament to the power of knowledge, innovation, and the enduring impact of great books on society. As the evening concluded, attendees left inspired, armed with new perspectives, and ready to embark on their own journey through the ever-evolving media renaissance.