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Chancellor – Pimpri Chinchwad University

Shri. Harshawardhan Shahajirao Patil

Chancellor, Pimpri Chinchwad University

Harshvardhan Patil - Chancellors Pimpri Chinchwad University

I address you today as the Chancellor of PCET`s Pimpri Chinchwad University (PCU), and I do so with the utmost respect and gratitude. In this age of unprecedented information and technological advancement, I believe it is crucial to stress the importance of education in shaping our country’s future. Education is essential for the development of any society, as it gives people the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives and make significant contributions to the advancement of our great nation.
India, a country with a wide range of cultural traditions, has long embraced the principle of “unity in diversity.”

Our university serves as a model of peaceful coexistence among people coming from a wide array of linguistic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Our faculty, staff, and student body represent every region of India, so they bring with them a wealth of knowledge and insight. This diversity is our strength, and it is through education that we not only celebrate it but also foster a sense of oneness, the spirit of ‘One India.’

One of our primary obligations is to equip the next generation of leaders with multi-disciplinary education whilst focusing on their holistic development.

Our goal is to empower students with a rich and diverse knowledge system rooted in Indian heritage and culture. The challenges of our time require that we educate future leaders and agents of change. By doing this, we boost the strength of our nation as a whole and of its citizens individually.

Let us keep in mind that there are no limits to learning as we move forward. It breaks down barriers and gives us all a sense of agency. Our dedication to developing talent, encouraging innovation, and encouraging diversity will propel us into a better, more prosperous future.

Let us continue to pursue knowledge, unity, and empowerment collectively in order to construct a more powerful and unified India. Your presence has been invaluable at PCET’s Pimpri Chinchwad University.